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This is a fascinating interview on a variety of levels, but Montas critique of the professoriate was particularly striking: "My criticism is that much of the intellectual establishment has thrown out the baby with the bathwater: that the adoption of those insights has been, for the most part, shallow, superficial, and performative. That there has been a kind of posturing in the name of human rights and social justice progressivism that has taken those insights and made them into dogma." I am left wondering what Montas' explanation is for this lamentable state of affairs is other than the fact that people are susceptible provincialism.

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Full of thought-provoking nuggets: "The premise of a liberal education is the human condition of freedom, in which every individual experiences him or herself as a self-determining agent, possesses a notion of the good, and organizes their lives in pursuit of that notion." Plus, any "antidote to the discursive disintegration that we are seeing in society" is a welcome antidote.

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