"Erdogan’s bid for regional leadership and his bullying tactics have run their course, and he’s cornered by a faltering economy and soft poll numbers. So he’s looking for a way out."
"You have no idea where she's gazing, or the ermine she's holding: they're almost one serpentine configuration."
“It’s not enough to stand for the right things; anybody can do that. Our task is to change governments, to change their behavior, to stop abuses.”
"The UN offers what it can. It’s not a super world government. It doesn’t have an army. It doesn’t have nuclear weapons."
"So far he’s shown a remarkable ability to play the very bad cards he was dealt."
"It’s too easy to turn a blind eye to the most horrible sufferings of our time, and doing so leads to indifference and cynicism. It is sometimes hard to…
“France is suffering from a Le Pen-ization of the mind. There is now more acceptance of discussing discriminatory policies. This phenomenon has affected…
“The world is no longer safe for Vladimir Putin. He has sacrificed his legitimacy. He can’t be Russia’s leader going forward. He’s got to be held…
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